Quick post – Configuring Citrix ADC Gateway/AAA vserver to Authenticate against Azure AD using OAuth


I was told earlier there wasn’t much on the internet detailing this configuration so decided to throw a quick post together. I may expand on it later to add detail as to how this works and why you would choose OAuth instead of the more common SAML configuration if anyone is interested (Drop me a tweet if you are – @stuart_carroll. This post will detail how to configure an existing Citrix...

Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA)


Thrilled to have been acknowledged and awarded a place in the Citrix CTA program. Announcing the new 2021 Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA) awardees! | Citrix Blogs Very excited to be working with such a great group of people! Although this post has been in my WordPress for way longer then planned due to customer commitments I’m keen to use this award as a reason to kick start my blog and...

Stu Carroll

Citrix CTA & Director of Enterprise Technologies @ Coffee Cup Solutions

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