Quick post – Configuring Citrix ADC Gateway/AAA vserver to Authenticate against Azure AD using OAuth


I was told earlier there wasn’t much on the internet detailing this configuration so decided to throw a quick post together. I may expand on it later to add detail as to how this works and why you would choose OAuth instead of the more common SAML configuration if anyone is interested (Drop me a tweet if you are – @stuart_carroll. This post will detail how to configure an existing Citrix...

CitrixADC-CVE-2020-8300 Script


Following on from my previous blog about the latest Citrix ADC CVEs I’ve created a very quick and dirty script to query the Citrix ADC NITRO API and look for SAML actions and SAML iDP Profiles vulnerable to CVE-2020-8300. If this proves useful to anyone I will develop further with the following functionality: Identify bindings for SAML Actions and SAML iDP Profiles to identify if and where...

Optimising your NetScaler SSL configuration


I’ve seen a lot of excellent guides around on optimising SSL parameters on NetScaler which is awesome. A lot of them are geared towards obtaining the coveted A+ rating from Qualsys’ excellent SSLLabs test which I think is important as it gives people an easy way to ensure they are compliant to certain level in a world where the goalposts are frequently rapidly moving even if only...

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