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As expected I’ve ignored this blog for a substantial amount of time – so much time in fact that my last post was awaiting a public beta of XenClient and since two release candidates have been released.

I have finally managed to obtain a copy of XenClient and eventually a laptop that it will run on. I was quite disappointed after discovering my HP 6930p had an ATI graphics card in so was not compatible with XenClient.

Since I have obtained from eBay another HP 6930p with the Intel G45 graphics chipset so I can at last play with XenClient!

Due to a lack of time I’ve not been able to have a full play but it looks impressive so far.

I have a Ubuntu 10.04 Virtual Machine which works fine despite the lack of XenClient tools (as Linux is not a supported guest OS at the moment). As a result I cannot assign the ‘HDX’ or direct graphics card access to this VM and it looks like I’ve only got basic USB support (3g modem isn’t being detected but mouse and mass storage devices are fine).

The Windows 7 x86 and x64 guests seem to be fine. The only issues I have are a inconsistent issue with using wireless networking and a problem installing the HP Connection Manager software which will install when windows 7 is on the physical device but is suddenly not compatible when being installed into a windows 7 guest..

I hope to update further then I’ve had a chance to fix some of these issues if I can

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