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XenClient & HP connection Manager


Just an update, with the help of the guys on the XenClient forum the HP connection Manager issue is resolved. The reason this would not install is because during the install the package would run a number of checks to ensure that it was installing to HP kit. While this is an HP laptop the OS was a virtual guest within XenClient so returned fields such as manufacturer as Xen. There is however a...

XenClient RC2


As expected I’ve ignored this blog for a substantial amount of time – so much time in fact that my last post was awaiting a public beta of XenClient and since two release candidates have been released. I have finally managed to obtain a copy of XenClient and eventually a laptop that it will run on. I was quite disappointed after discovering my HP 6930p had an ATI graphics card in so...

Citrix XenClient


Well I’ve been waiting a while for this, you can call me sad if you like but really you’ll just be talking to computer as you read this… who’s sad now? XenClient RC is released. If I didn’t have to use my laptop tomorrow this would be going on my 6930p right now but unfortunately it’ll have to wait till Friday. For those people who have lives XenClient is a type 1...

WordPress: Publishing code containing quotation marks


Well in the interest of the blog I’ve just learnt something new when trying to publish the last entry. When trying to publish a code exert I noticed that the code would not display as text even when the <code> tags were used, apparently this is due to the existence of quotation marks within the code I was trying to publish. Thanks to The answer was to use character...

Access Gateway Advanced: AlwaysUseClientLessURL


This is an old issue that I dealt with a few years ago that needed digging up a couple of weeks ago during an AGA install. It’s issues like these that caused me to start this log as finding the exact entry to add to the web.config file took me a good hour of digging through my sent items when I coudl have had them nicely detailed here! Issue: If SAClient fails to load when logging into CAG...



Welcome to one of numerous blogs that I have previously setup, used infrequently and let close due to inactivity. Due to this I’m not going to make any big promises as to what you can expect, if in fact it’s not just me reading this myself. All I can say is that I’ll try and supply some useful content which might be helpful to someone out there. The reason for this blog existing...


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