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Jun 02

NetScaler 11.0 Swivel integration using NetScaler Rewrite

Update to my previous blog post¬†NetScaler 11.0 Swivel integration¬†here’s anupdate of how to do exactly the same thing only using NetScaler rewrites rather then editing any code on the NetScaler itself. The reason this is useful is that any updates we make to javascript that comes within the NetScaler firmware may (will probably) need to …

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Dec 21

Swivel integration – NetScaler 10.1

Quick one from a recent deployment. This customer had chosen Swivel (http://www.swivelsecure.com) as their secondary authentication. Swivel requires a Turing image to be displayed on the VPN logon page to provide the user with one time password they need to provide for RADIUS authentication. Swivel have helpfully provided very detailed guides on how to do …

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