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Dec 21

Swivel integration – NetScaler 10.1

Quick one from a recent deployment. This customer had chosen Swivel ( as their secondary authentication. Swivel requires a Turing image to be displayed on the VPN logon page to provide the user with one time password they need to provide for RADIUS authentication. Swivel have helpfully provided very detailed guides on how to do …

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Jun 03

OWA 2010 Form Based SSO

I’ve been asked about this a few times recently so thought it worth a post. As of version NetScaler Gateway and AAA features support OWA 2010 In order to provide SSO when authentication on OWA is form based additional configuration is required. Create a formSSOAction, this provide the NetScaler with the following information: The …

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Feb 20

Windows RT browser based access to Access Gateway Enterprise with WIoNS

During a recent project Citrix Receiver for Windows RT version 1.2 was released to the public and by lucky coincidence a majoy stakeholder in the project happened to be the proud owner of a Windows Surface RT which seemed like an ideal opportunity to try out the new Web Interface support for Windows RT. Now …

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Jan 31

NetScaler Access Gateway 10: Modify secondary authentication prompt with rewrite action

As alot of you will have seen in the article CTX123121 the NetScaler Rewrite feature can be used to modify the look and feel of the Access Gateway logon page, commonly this involves changing the default password prompts created in the login.js file. As the article states these rules may vary from version to version …

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Mar 08

Updating Provisioning Server target agent in VMWare

A quick post – nothing ground breaking really but I encountered a customer at the start of this year who encountered this problem but couldn’t seem to find any information online to help so I thought I’d put some info up here. There are a number of other articles on the net that cover the …

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Feb 15

Access Gateway Enterprise – Disabling cookies prevents the secondary authentication field displaying

As expected this blog has gone a significant amount of time without update. This is mostly because I’ve not had anything particularly interesting to say. So yesterday an Access Gateway Enterprise question was posed to me so I thought I would run through it in case anyone else encounters the same problem. It may not …

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Sep 05

Powershell – Part 2: Check ICA response, Check for exiestence of file and uptime of multiple remote servers

As always over time scripts get updated and evolve – bring a bit of a powershell novice my scripts could probably do with a great deal of evolution but here’s version 2 of the script I posted previously I imagine this will only really be interestng to me but I thoguht I’d post it anyway …

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Aug 31

Powershell – Check ICA response, Check for exiestence of file and uptime of multiple remote servers

Following on my previous post I spent some time today refining our ability to check the ICA listener across the farm and created a little powershell script that I thought I’d share. It probably wont be much use to anyone else as it only does a few fairly specific checks but here it is. It’s by …

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Aug 30

The importance of encryption – Web Interface

The following is an extract from a document I wrote a while ago which was written to try and highlight the importance of encryption: I’ve played with this type of thing before but it I believe Firesheep, although it may be used with questionable motives, has highlighted to the world quite well the importance of …

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Aug 30

Issue: XenApp 5 on Windows 2003 – ICA listener ‘down’

An issue I encountered when working with one of our customers today. The customer reported that users intermittently received a ‘Protocol Driver Error’ when launching applications from their XenApp 5 (windows 2003) farm. As you know Protocol Driver error is one of those brilliant errors of a million causes but essentially it’s the client telling …

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